When you save a picture, upload a video, send a text record a musical.ly, that information has to go somewhere!  Your device does not have the space to store all that information.  Your information is not stored in a magical space in the sky, but in a a giant data center.  These data centers are often the size of several football fields.  Each one of these racks that are shown here, can store a pedabyte (1 million gigs) of data.

Why do we need to know about this?  We need to know this, to understand that when we put something online, it doesn't simply go into the "cloud".  It is stored in a real place.  That information is stored forever.  For now, things that are put on the internet, are put there forever.  Even if you are using an app where information disappears, it is "really" gone.  We call this information your "digital footprint."    Your digital footprint is not a bad thing.  In fact, as you get older, your digital footprint may be a bit like a resume.  It will show the world all the wonderful things that you have done and experienced.  You must take care to protect you digital footprint.  

Other people can also contribute to our digital footprint.  Because of this, it is a good idea to "google" yourself.  It's interesting to see what comes up when you enter your name into the search bar!