Social media and the internet can be a lot of fun, but we need to use it safely.  Here are some basic tips.

  • At home, make sure your network is encrypted.  If there is no password to get onto your wifi, anyone can see what you are doing
  • Always, Always, Always ask a parent before making a purchase online.  If your parent allows this, make sure that the site has a secure payment system
  • If you get a message or an email that offers you something for free, do not trust it.  If you are on a home computer (PC or MAC) you can use your mouse to hover over a link to see where the website link is really from.
  • Do not forward inappropriate images or photos.
  • Do not meet up with "internet" friends.  If you want to meet up with friends, make sure that they are people that you would normally meet up with.
  • Show your parents websites like to help them learn about your concerns on social media.  
  • Do not share your passwords with your friends.  A lot of tweens change friends more quickly than they change their passwords!

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