Privacy is one of the most important parts of using social media.   Privacy means keeping things that you do not want others to see off the internet.  The easiest way to keep information private on social media, is to not put private information on social media!  We need to remember that nothing is private on social media.  Even if you are using an app, where information seems to disappear, it is not truly private.  There are all sorts of different ways that this information could get out.  

Here are some basic, but really important tips about online privacy:

  • Do not post your phone number, address, social insurance number or other personal information online.
  • Many apps have privacy settings.  Use them, but also keep them up to date, as privacy settings do change
  • Turn your location services off.  Location services show people where you are posting from.  There are very accurate!
  • Do not accept friend requests from just anybody.  Make sure you actually know people.  Do not follow for follow (instagram)
  • Do not post anything that you would not be comfortable with everyone seeing
  • Do not share your passwords with your friends
  • Log off your apps when you are done with them
  • Make sure your home computer is encrypted.  This means that there needs to be a password to use the internet.
  • If you have your own device, put a password on it