Cyberbullying is one of the biggest concerns that people have with social media.  Cyberbullying can take place in many different ways.  It can be someone make a fake profile about you (impersonation), someone sending repeated messages (harassment), it can be posting embarrassing or rude pictures or message or even threats.  

Here are some things that we can do to help:

  • Keep in mind that not everything is cyberbullying.  It is isn't intentional or repeated.  It may not be cyberbullying*
  • If you believe that you are being cyberbullied, talk to an adult about it.  Taking the issue to your friends to solve is not a good idea.
  • Screenshot the evidence.  If you are on a phone, press your homescreen and your power button at the same time.  If you are on a PC, press and then paste this into a program like paint.
  • Tell the person to stop.  You do not have to be mean about it, but let them know that you do not want this behaviour to continue
  • Do not retaliate.  That just turns you into a cyberbully too.